To quickly search for info in PowerSchool, these queries (and many more) can be used in the PS search box on the Start Page of PS Admin:

General Searches:

first_name=Logan    returns all students with first name Logan

first_name=L@   returns all students with first name that starts with L


last_name contains -   returns all students with a hyphen in their last name. You are welcome. 

@bardo   returns all students whose last name ends with "bardo"

Grade_level=8 returns all 8th grade students

Grade_level in 8,9,10  returns all students in grades 8, 9, and 10

gender=f returns all female students

Mailing_street contains Lamar   returns any students living on a street with "Lamar" in the name

Alert_guardian#  returns any students with a guardian alert

Alert_medical contains peanut  returns any students with a medical alert that includes the word "peanut"

*birthday=today  returns all students with a birthday today (or set a specific date)


*enrolled_in=ELA01.5  returns all students enrolled in a section with that course code (the .5 indicated the specific section... that can be present or left off, depending on your needs)

*not_enrolled_in=ELA01.5 returns all students NOT enrolled in a section with that course code (the .5 indicated the specific section... that can be present or left off, depending on your needs) 

*as_of=7/30/2020  returns students active as of that specific date

/exitdate<12/25/2020 returns all inactive students who withdrew before a specific date

/enroll_status=-1 returns preregistered students

/enroll_status=1 returns inactive students

/enroll_status=2 returns transferred students

Grade_Level=7; last_name >= a; last_name<l    returns all 7th graders with last names from A to K

Grade_Level=4; *as_of=7/1/2020 returns all 4th grade students enrolled as of July 1, 2020

Pro Tips: 

  • You can combine some attributes of your query with a ; to get more specific queries. For example: grade_level=6; gender=m gives you a list of all 6th grade boys.
  • If you're searching for INACTIVE students, start your query with a /    like this:    /first_name=Bob returns all inactive students with first name Bob
  • In a lot of cases, you can change the operators = to greater than > or less than <  to tweak your results that have dates

RUP Related Info (for more in-depth details, see the article here): 

RUP Parent Signature: AUP=yes / AUP=no / AUP=

RUP Student Signature: WSR=yes / WSR=no / WSR=

Media Release Notification: PMR=yes / PMR=no / PMR=

Restricted Media Release Form on File: RMR=yes / RMR=no / RMR=

Paid in Full: Device_Paid=yes / Device_Paid=no / Device_paid=

Payment Plan Installment 1: Device_Payment_Plan=yes / Device_Payment_Plan=no / Device_Payment_Plan=

Payment Plan Installment 2: U_Students.Extension.DevicePayment=yes / U_Students.Extension.DevicePayment=no /U_Students.Extension.DevicePayment=

Payment Plan Scholarship for Installment 2 - Paid in Full: Device_FRC=yes / Device_FRC=no / Device_FRC= 

Student Day Use Only: Device_Day_Use_Only=yes / Device_Day_Use_Only=no / Device_Day_Use_Only=

Comments: Device_User_Comments=yes / Device_User_Comments=no / Device_User_Comments=