This is a general concern helpdesk sees a lot, but it's hard to address the issue without more specific information.  Browsing this checklist to narrow down the problem will aid the helpdesk.

Is it the Internet?  Our school system's raw data upload and download speeds are quite fast, however, the website your visiting may not be.  Try navigating to another website to see if it's the website itself.  If every website loads slow, try restarting your computer. (This is the most likely fix.)  If all of your web browsing is still slow please send in a helpdesk ticket.

Is it the Network? Though related to the internet and using the same pipes as the internet, the network is not the internet.  If the network access seems slow you may have power school issues or trouble accessing your H-drive.  If these are the issue, please send a detailed description of your problem (what, when, and how) with your ticket.

Is it the Computer?  If the computer itself is being slow, you may have astronomically long boot times (around 10 minutes with no updates) or non internet and network programs like Word or Excel booting very sluggishly.  The computer may freeze on regular occasion.  A slow computer may be slow at loading websites too.  If the problem is recent, restart your computer to see if it corrects it.  Try not to open too many programs at one time.  If the problems persist after restarting, please send in a help-desk ticket. Telling the helpdesk what programs are slow, if the reboot is slow, and other related information will dramatically decrease the time it takes to resolve the issue.