Greetings from IT!

We’ve been working on making sure all staff members have email addresses so you can stay informed whenever the district sends out update messages. Accordingly, we’ve now created your accounts. Your username and password can be found on the sticker below:








What can you do with the account?

Check your email on a computer…

  • Go to and login with the pink credentials above

Check your email on your phone…

  • The iPhone app store and the Google app store both have an Outlook App that can be used to check your school mail (using the pink credentials above)

Use Office Online on a computer…

  • You can go to and login with the pink credentials above to access Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.

Download Office on a personal computer…

  • You can log in to using the pink credentials above and click on “Install Office” in the upper right hand corner, and it will let you install Office on a home computer

Connect to School Wifi…

  • You can connect personal devices to the school wifi on the MCS-PUBLIC network using the yellow credentials above

Login to School Computers…

  • You can log on to school computers using the yellow credentials above

What if you have trouble?

If you experience any trouble with your accounts or have questions, please send an email (from a school address or personal address) to your school’s help desk, and someone will be available to help.

School helpdesk email addresses: Central Office:,,,,,,