Unfortunately, Amazon Alexa and other home assistant devices aren't permitted on the MCS network for a variety of reasons, ranging from network security to compatibility (Alexa devices are set up for home networks that use a "preshared key" without a username, and don't have the guts to work on a credentialed 802.1x enterprise wifi network). Beyond that, these types of devices aren't permitted to be in use in any areas where students will be physically or where they will be discussed, because they aren't FERPA or COPPA compliant. For example, if there is an Alexa device present in an area where a student is recorded or the student is discussed, and the audio of that discussion is saved by Alexa, it then constitutes an educational record under FERPA and has to be treated accordingly. It's in a similar boat with COPPA and students under 13, since the recorded data is sent to Amazon for targeted advertising/marketing purposes.