There is an Employees Only page set up on Finalsite that is behind a password. Staff should have access to this site.

When they visit the Employees Only site, this is what it looks like:

Login - Maryville City Schools (


The authentication mechanism is Classlink. You can login by entering your regular username in the box (first.last), and it should either log you in if you're already logged in to Classlink, or it will redirect you to Classlink for login.

Don't let this break your brain -- if you log in to Classlink and go back to the Employees Only website, you'll be all good. 

However, there is an easier way.

The easiest way for most people is this:

1. Log in to Classlink

2. Click on the "MCS Employees Website" Icon.


It will automatically log you in to the Employees Only section of the website.


That's it.