NOTE: This feature is currently only available for staff accounts. 

First, there is a prerequisite that needs to be done to have access to this feature. Details are at the link below. It's a one-time process that needs to be done before the password resets will work.

Staff: Setting up a Password Recovery Option in Classlink : Maryville City Schools (


After you have set up your Password Recover Option using the steps above, you'll be able to reset your password using these steps:

1) Log in to Classlink

2) Click on your profile icon in the upper right hand corner of Classlink and click on "SETTINGS"

3) Click on the RECOVERY tab and then click on "Change Password."

4) It will ask you to enter your old password once, and then your new password twice. Do so, and then click "Save." Note that the new password will need to meet the password complexity requirements. An overview of those requirements are at the bottom of this article.

5) Now, your desktop computer, classlink, and wifi passwords has been reset instantly. This new password will sync to your email and your laptop within a few minutes, but definitely within 30-45 minutes. If after 45 minutes your new password is working for Classlink but not your email, please open a ticket at your school's helpdesk email address.

Password Complexity Requirements:

Passwords should be *at least* 12 characters

Passwords should contain at least 3 of the following: 

uppercase character*

lowercase character


special character (~!@#$%^&*_-+=`|\(){}[]:;"'<>,.?/)


The upper-case character needs to be in the middle of the password somewhere - if first letter is uppercase, it doesn't count as meeting the complexity requirement. The same is true for special characters, i.e., ! at the end of a password won't count towards the complexity requirement. The password also cannot contain all or parts of your username. There are some additional unknown rules that Microsoft includes, usually related to including common words or phrases in usernames, so you may have to try multiple password selections to be able to find one that works. 


What makes a good password? 

MOST IMPORTANT:  THE PASSWORD YOU SET UP HERE SHOULD BE TOTALLY UNIQUE. Do NOT reuse this password anywhere on any service at any time. When you set up your PowerSchool password, it should also be totally unique and not the same as any other password you use or have used anywhere else, EVER. 


Next, think passphrase instead of password. Length is the #1 way to increase complexity. A long, easy to remember passphrase like Who rocks the house? I rock the house! is exponentially more secure than something complex-looking like EL2%9#cD

Psst… Please don’t use the Whorocksthehouse password from above :)