The process for uploading videos:

1) Go to Channel dashboard - YouTube Studio  Channel dashboard - YouTube Studio

2) Login with your account


3) Once you're logged in to YouTube studio, you should see the following in the upper right-hand corner of the screen:


4) To upload a video, click on the "Create" button --> "Upload Videos" in the upper-right hand corner:


5) When prompted to select files, you can drag and drop your video file to the upload videos box, or click "Select Files" and browse to your video.

6) On the details page, there are some important settings to configure:

  • Give your video an appropriate Title and Description. Including the topic and the Week in the course would be a good thing if you know where it's going to go.



  • PLAYLISTS -- Important -- Each course will have its own playlist. Select your course's playlist. If you're teaching multiple courses and the video applies to multiple courses, select each applicable course. If your course is missing, click on Playlist --> New Playlist



  • Audience -- Mark "Yes, it's made for kids." Even if you have high school students, what this does is remove targeted advertising and the obnoxious ads and thumbnails at the end of the video.


7) Click Next to go to video elements; Click Next to go to Checks; Click Next to go to Visibility

8) On the Visibility pane, select "Unlisted." This will make it so anyone with the link can view the video, but it's not publicly searchable. If it's set to Private, only you can see the video. You can schedule the video release if you'd like, but it's not necessary.


9) Click Save.

10) The next screen will show you the link for your video. Copy the link.


Adding Your YouTube Video to Canvas:

The best way to get the video into Canvas is to now view the video and take the following steps...

1) From the video's page in YouTube, click on Share --> Embed


2) Scroll down and check the box that says "Enable privacy-enhanced mode." This helps with random Securly issues.

3) Click the "Copy" button


4) Now, go to the page in Canvas where you want to post the video. In the Edit view, click on "Insert" --> "Embed"


5) Paste the code you copied from the YouTube embed link and click Submit