As we're working on optimizing everyone's experience with the new devices and our new management system (and transition to Windows 11), I wanted to take a minute to highlight what the desired experience should look like on the student side. Below is a walkthrough example where I log in as a student and work through a module in an ELA class that involves working in Edge/Canvas, ActivInspire, and Word. If your experience isn't as smooth as what's captured in the video, at the end of the video I give 2 things you can do to help improve your experience --- syncing company portal and applying pending Windows updates. If neither of those things help, it's time to open a ticket so we can investigate.

Note: This video was a camera recording of the experience instead of a screencast because I wanted to highlight that this was done on a regular student device that's logged in as a student, to mimic the desired student experience as closely as possible. Accordingly, the film quality isn't exactly Steven Spielberg if you know what I mean :)