With our cloud-based management, a lot of issues with devices can be solved by syncing them with our servers to pick up configuration changes and updates. To manually make this sync happen, there's a process called "syncing with Company Portal." If you remember us previously referring to "Updating group policy" in the past, this process takes the place of that. 

To sync your device with MCS, open the Company Portal App. It can be found on your toolbar (on student devices), or by searching for it from the magnifying glass in your taskbar.

After opening Company Portal, click on the "Settings" gear in the lower left-hand corner and then click on the "Sync" button. It will usually take 3-5 minutes to sync, but can take longer, especially if it hasn't synced in a long time. Your laptop is set to manually sync periodically, but if your device isn't on often, or isn't on for long enough periods of time, it may miss its check-ins. Manually syncing will jump-start it into syncing again.

Walk Through: