This article will cover our stance on ActivInspire as a software along with possible alternatives for teachers, and the pros and cons of each.

Our stance on ActivInspire

To be clear, we plan on supporting ActivInspire for as long as we possibly can. We understand that many teachers have been using Inspire for a majority of their careers and have flipcharts that they made 10+ years ago that they are still using to this day. The last thing we want is to 'pull the rug' on teachers and tell them they have to remake their entire curriculum in a new program. 

However, over the past few years, we are seeing more and more issues with ActivInspire, and less support from Promethean regarding these issues. The biggest issues are ActivInspire randomly shutting down and ActivInspire Flipcharts becoming corrupt. We have reached out to promethean on both of these issues with very little support from them. Promethean at one point tried to retire ActivInspire as a program. After teacher backlash, they chose not to go through with this decision. There is no telling if they would ever decide to try and do this again. Because of this, we are wanting to give recommendations on alternative presentation software. If Promethean decides to retire ActivInspire, there isn't anything we can do about it. 


- Easy converting of flipcharts
- Web based (this means you can work on your flipcharts from anywhere on virtually any device without having to install software)
- It's free and has a community page where you can share and try other teachers presentations
- It has additional screen share features that clutter the screen and make it a little less user friendly
- It looks different in lots of ways, there will be a learning curve
- Web based (if the internet goes out, you will be unable to present)
- When converting flipcharts, some of the features do not carry over. Be sure to double check any flipcharts your import.

Classflow is meant to be the successor to ActivInspire. It is also made by promethean. You can create an account for free on their website

Presentation Mode

Creation Mode


- Amazing templates (premade slides with transitions)
- Already an account made in your classlink
- Included clipart within Canva
- Web based (this means you can work on your presentation from anywhere on virtually any device without having to install software)
- Simple to use
- No annotation tools (no drawing features)
- No way to convert inspire flipcharts
-  Web based (if the internet goes out, you will be unable to present) 

Canva has a lot of features, but one the presentation templates available are jaw dropping. It is a great resource for creative work. As listed above, the two biggest cons are there is no way to convert your current presentations to Canva. There are also no annotation tools, so you will be unable to draw on these.

Presentation Mode

Creation Mode


- Web based, but has a desktop app
- Most people have experience with it
- There's a way to convert flipcharts, but it isn't as easy as Classflow
- Good templates
- Annotation tools
- not many tool options in the annotation tools
- When importing flipcharts, not all features will carry over

Powerpoint now has annotation tools when presenting. When in presentation mode, look for the pen icon at the bottom and you can draw on your slides, similar to activinspire. Powerpoint also has lots of great templates premade into it now to quickly create professional presentations. We also have a way to convert inspire flipcharts to powerpoint.

How to convert ActivInspire Flipcharts to Powerpoint

Presentation Mode

Creation Mode

If you have any issues with any of these programs, please put in a ticket. We are happy to help.