I want to put this back in rotation and make sure it works the way it's supposed to--since we returned Saunders last time, and it was full again in a week.

After a week or two, if the problem is solved, I suggest you have your folks change 2 settings in OneNote --

Under File --> Options --> Save and Backup:


When both are checked and number of backups are set to 2, this is what happens:

EVERYTHING in their notebooks (including student submissions to class notebooks) get synced to:

  • Where the file is saved locally
  • To a cache file that saves all content and changes in notebooks you have currently open
  • 2 separate full backup copies of ALL your notebooks
  • This is IN ADDITION TO the copy of your notebook that is saved in the cloud if it's one that's in your OneNote online account.
  • That's potentially 5 copies of notebooks that are saved in all.


I would un-check one or both, depending on how full folks harddrives are. In the very least I'd have them change the number of backup copies from 2 to 1. I anticipate the most problems will happen with folks who utilize class notebooks -- with XXXXXX, 95% of the bulk of her storage was copies of files kids turned in for assignments and not her actual notebook content. Knowing what I know now, I imagine Saunders was probably the same way.