If you need to recover a license from an inoperable machine or from all machines at once, use the following procedure to reset the licenses of all machines of that product profile:

  1. On the Admin Console, go to the Products tab.
  2. Click the product profile for which you need to recover licenses.
  3. Click in the upper-right corner of the Product Profile page and choose Recover Licenses.
  4. To confirm, click Recover.
Confirm recover licenses

Even if you only planned to recover licenses on some of the machines of this profile, all machines mapped to this profile are now reset. However, when users sign into Adobe's app on each of these machines, the machines are immediately licensed again.

For example, say a product profile is mapped to ten machines and you want to retire two of these machines, use the procedure above to recover the licenses from all the ten machines. When users sign into Adobe apps on the other eight machines, these will be immediately licensed again. Now you have two licenses that you can use on another two machines.