This might be something that you want to send out to teachers who will be getting a Newline Board for the first time.

Interactive Panel

Things for teachers


  1. The panel will turn off after 30 minutes unless you change that setting
    1. Go to the settings tool at the top of the screen – looks like a gear
    2. Go to power on/off setting
    3. Energy saver – Never
  2. Making a Source your favorite so it will automatically load up – Home-Settings-Toolbar-Favorite Connection – It will time out after 2 minutes so touch something on the panel to make it “stick”
  3. You must point remote directly at the power button
  4. If you want sound without the panel on – you have to turn the panel on and then press sound only on the remote
  5. Calibrate – who knew!
    1. Must have the panel on
    2. Search on the task bar – calibrate
    3. Click on Calibrate the Screen for pen or Touch Input
    4. Calibrate
    5. Follow the onscreen instructions
  6. For best sound: turn the sound all the way up on the computer then turn then use the volume on the board – you will not have to turn it up much. 
  7. When you turn the panel on and off it messes with the resolution on the monitor - just a heads up
  8. Clean screen with electronic screen cleaner and microfiber cloth (included)
  9. Toolbar tricks:
    1. Home gets to back to the main screen
    2. Monitor with pencil is the Annotate over desktop function – example: you can use the pen tools on the internet
    3. Just the pen tool – quick whiteboard – can put different templates on the panel
    4. Long holds will give you more options with the pens and backgrounds
    5. 5 fingers or hand is a quick eraser
    6. 20 point touch (means 20 people can write on it at the same time

If using the stylus – the panel knows the difference between the thick and thin. This might mess you up when using your finger – it may sense a difference in the thickness of your finger and switch colors on you. It will drive you crazy. A fix to this is to set them both to the same color and thickness on your pen tools in the whiteboard.