The problem(s): Pen for Newline will not calibrate, or the pen will only work properly in the center of the board and not on the sides, or pen will suddenly stop working while in ActiveInspire

The solution (from Newline): 

Log in the computer under MCS.TECH

Go to Device Manager

Human Interface Devices (click the arrow to have all of the devices open up below)

Uninstall ALL of them except for the USB ones (this will deactivate your mouse...if it happens, just unplug the mouse from the computer and plug it back in)

             You can uninstall by either right clicking on the device and clicking uninstall or by clicking on the device and then                     clicking on the red 'X' in the top menu bar.

Go to Action (while still under Human Interface Devices)

Scan for Changes (this will reinstall all drivers)

Close out Device Manager

Open Display Settings and make sure that the board/newline are set to Extend These Displays.

Now Calibrate. You may have to calibrate/reset/calibrate a couple of times.

Once it has calibrated for pen and touch, you can reset the Display Settings to Duplicate (or however the teacher prefers it)

Check calibration.

You also need to go to ActiveInspire.

Software Settings

Select dual monitoractiv

Set Use Touch instead of activpen