Moby Max can be used to make assignments based on what you are currently teaching, and/or students can take the placement test and they will have their own prescriptive sequence of skills assigned by Moby Max.


If you want to use the software both ways, you can have the following issue---


Since Moby Max has the prescriptive part where kids have their own personal sequence of lessons (assignments) based on their Placement Test, things get tricky when you try to assign a skill that has already been assigned to them from Moby Max.  Basically, when you make an assignment to a student who already has that assignment in their sequence of lessons prescribed my Moby Max, it will never show up under the assignment tab.


Work around--- To get it to show up for someone in the above situation, you must follow the below directions to un-assign the Moby Max assignment.  Then, you can assign it yourself, AND it will show ion his Assignment tab..

1.       After signing into your teacher account, click the "All K-8 Subjects" link from the left sidebar.

2.       Click the module where you are trying to assign a lesson. 

3.       Click the "Lessons" tab.

4.       Click the “Assign” tab.

5.       Click the student’s name.

6.       Click the grade level.

7.       Check the box(es) next to the lesson(s) you wish to unassign.

8.       Click the "Unassign" button.

9.       Click “OK."


If you only want to use Moby Max ONLY for teacher assignments, you may use the following directions to completely turn off the prescriptive part.  (Note-- If the students have already taken the placement test, then the lessons that have already been automatically assigned will remain in the student’s lesson sequence unless they are manually unassigned, or you delete the student’s placement test.)


Teachers can turn off automatically assigned lessons by following the steps listed below.

1.       After signing into your teacher account, click the “Settings” link in the left sidebar.

2.       Select the “Individual Student Settings” link at the top of the page.

3.       Click the box to the left of the student names that you’d like to update settings for.

4.       Select the “Update Settings” button. 

5.       Click on the “Modules” tab at the top of the menu.

6.       Select “Mathematics” from the menu on the left.

7.       Turn the slider off in the “Automatically assign lessons” section.

8.       Click the “Save” button.