At the end of each school year there is a rollover date determined. This is the date set to officially move the students to the next school year. Glenda works with the Director of schools to identify the official date for this rollover.


   A datapump must be done to export the data from the production server. This is completed on the database server and there are scripts to run to get this datapump export.

Powerschool - sandbox

  The datapump export will then be imported into the Powerschool Sandbox server. There are scripts to run this import and a support document that describes the process.

Once the export and import have been completed, Glenda will confirm that all data is correct in the sandbox. She will then initiate the rollover on the production server. 

OneSync has a setting for Rollover as well. On the rollover date, additional scripts will run during the daily sync to update the graduation year. **If the rollover date for powerschool is before the rollover data in Onesync, you will see username changes with the wrong graduation year calculated. **

Datapump Notes/Steps

#James Saniger



#Steps for a datapump before rollover for Powerschool. 

#This is completed on the production MCSPSDB server for the export

#This is completed on the sandbox PS19 server for the import

#Reference Document

#Oracle Database Backup and Restore Guide

# file:///C:/Users/james.saniger/Downloads/oracle_backup_restore_ug%20(1).pdf



#this one takes awhile *30-40 min*


Press Enter/Return

# * <30 min *


Press Enter/Return

#check the rman output log for any errors


#Datapump Export


# * 10:48am - min*

e:\oracle\scripts\export.bat psproddb 20220624_dataexport.dmp

#Datapump Copy



copy 20220624_dataexport.dmp from datapump folder

#On PS19


paste 20220624_dataexport.dmp to datapump folder

#Datapump Import

#On PS19

c:\program files\powerschool

open Powerschool Installer.html

# Stop services

Stop powerschool/powerteacher

click confirm

Stop reportworks 

click confirm

# Servvices


stop pearson powerschool message service by right clicking and selecting stop


#On PS19

cmd prompt


# minutes

DropSchema.bat psproddb

# import took hours

importtestserver.bat psproddb 20220624_dataexport.dmp Y 




start pearson powerschool message service by right clicking and selecting restart

#start services

start powerschool/powerteacher

click confirm

start reportworks

click confirm