This article provides instructions on how you can create a sound amplification device similar to a lightspeed, using a wireless microphone and a windows computer connected to external speakers.


  1. First off you will need a wireless microphone. The one I have been using is this Bietrun Microphone .
  2. Next you will need to plug the receiver into the microphone into the microphone port on the computer. Note: you may need to use the adapter to make it work. Sometimes it works without it and sometimes it is required.
  3. Next you will need to turn on both the Microphone and the reciever ends. When they pair together, the blue light will remain constant. If they are unable to pair, they will continue to blink.
  4. Next you will want to go onto the windows computer and open control panel.
  5. Navigate to sound settings (you may have to search for it)
  6. Once you are at this window, click on the recording tab.
  7. Here you will right click on the microphone listed (should have a green check or audio levels beside it)
  8. Select properties from the list
  9. At this window you will want to click on the listen tab
  10. The "Listen to this device" is the golden check box. Make sure it is checked and click apply. This will make everything the microphone hears play through the windows computer and out the external speakers.

Pairing Receiver 

  1. Turn off both the microphone and the receiver
  2. Turn on the microphone while holding the + button
  3. While holding this, turn on the receiver
  4. let go of the + button
  5. Once both have a constant blue light, it should be paired