By default, Zoom requires folks joining meetings to be authenticated using Clever/Classlink. This is what that process looks like. 

Note: There are a lot of steps, but if the user is already logged in to Classlink, like most of our users are, some of these steps are streamlined. 

1) Launch Zoom

2) Click on "Join a Meeting"

3) Enter the meeting ID and click "Join." Note - It will have a field where students can edit the name, but when logging in with Clever/Classlink this name won't show up -- the name to show up will be the student's name in Clever/Classlink. 

4) A Clever login web page will load. If you're not currently logged in to Clever, you'll need to search for your school. Once you pick your school, there will be a box that says "Login with Classlink." Click on that, and login to Classlink like you normally would, and a Clever loading page will come up. If you get a big blue box that says "Blocked by your administrator," it's probably because Edge is set as your default browser, and it doesn't play well with our system. Follow steps here to solve that problem. 

5) Click on "Launch Meeting" then click "Open Zoom Meetings" in the popup that comes up.

6) Enter the passcode for the meeting in the "Enter meeting passcode" box:

7) Wait for it to connect... may take 10-20 seconds

8) Wait to be admitted from the waiting room by the host of the meeting (teacher)

9) Voila! You're in the meeting. Notice that student name is "William L" and not "Seymour Butz"