The most common complaint we see about Zoom is students changing their names or using the names of other students and then causing trouble with language or images. We've also seen cases where students have shared meeting login codes with non-MCS students as a prank to disrupt class.

To help prevent this, make sure "ONLY AUTHENTICATED USERS CAN JOIN MEETINGS" is turned ON. This feature is turned on by default. When this is turned on, students must log in to Zoom using their Clever/Classlink accounts, and it will ensure that the name that shows on your screen is the name of the student who is logged in to your meeting. 

1) Log in to Zoom

2) Click on the Settings Gear in the upper right hand corner

3) Click on "View More Settings"

4) The Zoom settings page will show load in your web browser. Scroll down to "ONLY AUTHENTICATED USERS CAN JOIN MEETINGS" and make sure the toggle is set to the ON position

Turning the toggle off allows kids to use fake names when joining your meeting, and also allows non-MCS students to join. This toggle should be left ON unless there's a specific need to turn it off for a meeting (like with parents who are non-MCS users), but then it should be immediately turned back on. 

Other best practices include ensuring that your Waiting Room is enabled, and requiring a passcode for users to enter your meetings. These settings can be configured on the same settings page as above: