Congratulations on being selected to take part in our Every1Connected initiative! As you begin using your assigned hotspot, the information below can help you get started with basic instructions for use and tips about data usage.

Hot Spot Instructions:

  • Slide Power Switch to “ON”
  • If the hotspot doesn’t light up when turned on, lightly tap the screen or push the “LOCK” button to see if it will wake up. If it doesn’t the hotspot may need to be plugged in to charge.
  • The hotspot will show up as MCS-MOBILE on your device, and any school-issued laptop or ipad should automatically connect to the hotspot without needing to enter a password.

What if it doesn’t work?

  • If you’re able to connect to the hotspot, but not able to do anything on the internet, tap on the “USAGE” icon on the screen and go to billing cycle. Every billing cycle, the hotspot has 3GB of data. If the “Used” amount of data is at or close to 3GB, it won’t be able to connect to the internet anymore, or will be VERY slow. If this happens, you’ll need to wait to the end of the billing cycle before you’ll be able to use the hotspot any more.
  • If you’re OK on data, but still can’t connect to the internet, check the number of bars next to the Sprint icon. If you’re indoors, try moving the hotspot closer to a window. If you’re not able to get a good connection anywhere in your house, please let the Technology Coordinator at your child’s school know.

How much data is a GB?

1 GB = 4 hours of YouTube

1 GB = 1,000 emails

1 GB = 10 hours of streaming music

1 GB = 20 hours of general internet browsing (like Canvas, websites to research, etc.)

3GB of data on a hotspot should be plenty for 3 students for school work for a month. One of the easiest ways to run out of data is to watch lots of YouTube videos or streaming a lot of music. Especially as you’re getting used to using the hotspot and figuring out how much data you’ll use in a month, keep an eye on your data usage and remember that the first priority for the hotspot is for school work.

Other Questions or concerns? Please contact the technology coordinator or help desk at your school.