Connecting OneDrive to your Device to sync 

  1. Log into your school email on OneDrive’s website: 

  1. When you do, you should see your files in a list. At the top, click the button that says “Sync” 

  1. When you do, at the top of your browser it will ask if it can open the one drive program on your computer. Click “Open Microsoft OneDrive” 

  1. After this Onedrive will start syncing your files in the background. They should start showing up in your files in a drive called OneDrive  


Syncing Sharepoints  

  1. If you would like to sync sharepoints, they may come up automatically on your OneDrive online under the section that says “Shared Libraries” . If so, you can select it and click sync and it should sync to your device. 

  1. If it does not come up, then there is a way to get it to show up. First open your outlook email online. 

  1. Next, search for the side bar tab that says groups and there should be an email group named after the Sharepoint 

  1. Once you select the group, click on the three dots next to the name and click “Site” 

  1. After this, it will take you to the sharepoint site. Click on “Documents” on the side and the shared files should pull up. Be sure to click “sync” to have it locally stored.