In iOS 14, Apple introduced a really cool new security feature to help keep websites and services from tracking you. However, this change caught WiFi router makers completely off-guard, and it broke a lot of corporate wifi setups, including the maker of our WiFi access points. There will be an update to our software at some point, but for now nothing has been released. It's a little bit of a sore subject in the IT world (more details here if you're a nerd like me :)

 In the meantime, our work-around is to turn off this feature.

1) On your iPhone or iPad, open the Settings app

2) Open the WiFi menu

3) Personal devices should be connected to MCS-PUBLIC. If your personal device isn't connected to MCS-PUBLIC, that could be the reason you're having problems. School-issued iPads should be connected to MCS. 

4) Tap on the WiFi network you're connected to. and turn the "Private Address" feature to OFF (not green). It will ask you if you want to REJOIN the network. Select REJOIN. 

Boom - your iOS14 iPhone or iPad will now work on our WiFi.