Some departments and users have Shared Mailboxes set up when there is an email account that needs to be accessed by different people over the course of a long period of time and after people move jobs or change positions. To access one of these Shared Mailboxes, you first have to be set up as a "Delegate" for that mailbox. That process happens through the owner of the Shared Mailbox or a member of the technology staff. Once you're a member of a Shared Mailbox, this is how you check your messages.

1) Log in to your Outlook webmail (

2) Click on the icon with your picture or initials in the upper right hand corner of the screen

3) Select "Open another mailbox"

4) Enter the address for the shared mailbox.

NOTE: If you get a "500 - Something went wrong" error, it means you don't have permissions to view or delegate the mailbox.