The first symptom of a problem is going to be students being prompted that "Your Windows license will expire soon." This is because our Windows licenses have to check in to our server onsite at least every 180 days to stay active. They usually check for our server every 7 days, but since digital learner devices have been off network for so long, they've not checked in. If you get any of these reports, follow the instructions found in our solutions articles:

Another problem that may come up is a Trust Relationship error when trying to login. You'll not be as likely to see this reported by students, because it won't happen till the computer tries to log back in on our domain, and 1) students never log out and 2) they'll be logging back in as themselves with an account that the computer already trusts. The most likely scenario you'll see this with is when a digital student withdraws, in which case you can re-image. If there's another scenario where you need to fix a trust relationship issue, you can use these directions from the solutions articles:

There may be other problems we're not aware of... I'll be keeping an eye on tickets for things that could be related, and will let you know if something new pops up. 

This one isn't 180 day related, but we usually see a big influx of kids whose computer time is wrong after break. Instructions for that can be found here: