How to post grades to new PowerTeacher Pro
 How to negotiate peace talks between PowerTeacher Pro and Canvas

  1. Open your class in Canvas and navigate to “Assignments”
  2. On the assignment page, click the Options menu [1], then click the Import Assignment Groups option [2].
                                 Import Assignment Groups 
  3. In the Import Assignment Groups window, click the Add button.
                                        Add Assignment Groups 
  4. Wait a bit…

  5. Go back to the “Assignments” page and you will see the imported categories denoted by an import icon.  
  6. Next, you will need to MOVE your assignments from your old categories to your new, imported categories.  Never fear, there is an easy way to do that!

  7. On your OLD category, click on the options menu[1] then select “Move contents” [2] 
  8. A screen will pop up on the right side asking where to move the contents.  You will select the destination category.  Note that the category you’re moving FROM will not show up, so if you have two categories with the same name, the option is actually the new category (as in the example below).

    Note that assignments were successfully moved from the old to the new category.

    Repeat step 8 for all of the categories you need to move.  When you successfully move the assignments, it should look like the screenshot below:
  10. Delete your OLD categories.  Click on the options menu[1] then select “Delete” [2] 
  11. Now you’re ready to sync grades!  Be sure to choose “Maryville City Schools – PTP”