Updated Jan 11, 2022

It's the end of semester, and everyone is going off to break with all of their assignments completed, graded, and in the gradebook, right? 

Only in a dream world, I know. 

So how can you make sure students can still access your Canvas after a term ends (or, for that matter, before a term starts)? 

FIrst, course dates for classes imported from PowerSchool are decided by the terms dates in PowerSchool and can't be altered. However, at the class-level teachers have the ability to allow students to complete work after the term ends. 

1) Login to Canvas, open your class, and click on the "Settings" link at the bottom of the left-hand navigation bar for the class

2) In the "Participation" section, change the setting from "Term" to "Course." By default, Canvas forces the PowerSchool term dates on classes and ignores any manually entered course start and stop dates. By changing it to course, Canvas will respect any changes you make to dates.

3) Set the "End" date to the new ending date for course availability.

4) If you want to enforce additional settings for restricting students to view the course before or after the end date, check the boxes below the end date according to your wishes.