We technically don't support our liquidated laptops once they've been sold, but we field a lot of requests from people who set theirs up and forgot their passwords. If that's happened to you, below are steps you can take to reset your device:

On the windows login screen where you've forgotten your password, there should be these 3 icons in the lower right hand corner. If not, click on the page, hit escape, hit enter... they should show up. 

Click on the one that's a power icon. It will give an option to Sleep, Shut Down, or Restart. You need to do the following:

Hold down the shift key while click on where it says "RESTART"

On the screen that comes up, select Troubleshoot --> Reset this PC --> Keep my files 

It'll take a while (so make sure it's plugged in). 

When it comes back up, it will walk you through setting up the computer as if it's a new computer, including setting a username and password.