If you're receiving the message at an account that's not a gmail or Google account, you'll need to use a One Time PassCode. 

1) Someone sends you an encrypted email from an @maryville-schools.org address to your personal email. We'll use an AOL account.

2) Open the encrypted email in your email.

3) There will be a link that says "Read the Message." Click on it.

4) It will then give you option"Sign in with One-time Passcode." This is logging you in to the Protected Message Portal

5) When you click on "Sign in with One-time Passcode," it will email you a passcode to the email account that the message was originally sent to. The goal of encryption is to make sure that only the appropriate people are able to read your message, so you have to have access to that account to get the passcode. This code expires within 15 minutes of being sent. If it expires, you can request a new one. 

6) Copy the passcode from the email, then go back to the Protected Message Portal and enter the passcode.