Email Encryption can be a little tricky, but the simplest way is to use the O365 Outlook Online instead of your normal Outlook program on your computer.

1) Go to your webmail ( and sign in with your email account

2) Click on "New Message" and compose your message. In the bar above your message, click on the icon that says "Encrypt"

3) If you have attachments, you need to "Attach as a Copy" because shared OneDrive links can't be sent as encrypted attachments.

4) Send

Note: If you're sending to someone else, there is no need for them to do anything special. If they have any trouble at all opening the email or attachment, they should try using the webmail version of Outlook, and that should take care of any weird compatibility issues. If you're emailing someone outside of an encrypted email, see our other article on "Receiving Encrypted Email"