Our Office 365 accounts include a service called Microsoft Teams, which has teleconference and screen sharing functions, and can be used with people both inside and outside Maryville City Schools.

Getting Started:

  • Log in to your office 365 account (portal.office.com)
  • Click on the "waffle" in the upper left-hand corner of your email and select "Teams."

Teams is a new feature, and as of Feb. 2019 doesn't support video inside the browser window, so you'll need to download the Teams program to have access to more than audio. To download teams, click the "Get App" icon in the lower left hand of the Teams page. It will prompt you to download and install Teams. If you don't have admin rights, check with another teacher or Tech Coordinator to get help downloading and installing. Once it is installed...

  • Open the Teams App. 
  • Click on "Meetings" on the left hand navigation bar.
  • Click on "Schedule a Meeting" at the bottom of the Meetings tab that opens. 
  • Fill in a brief description of the meeting. This is going to serve as an invitation for the person you're inviting to the teleconference. Give it a title, enter a description*, enter the time you want to schedule the conference, and enter their email address in the "Invite People" box.
  • Once the invitation details are set, click on "Schedule in the lower right-hand corner.
  • A few minutes before your scheduled conference time, open Teams (by launching the Teams app or by opening the Teams invitation in your calendar or email). Teams will automatically open the meeting and let you pick webcam and audio options. Make sure your webcam and/or microphone is plugged in. You can also mute/unmute audio from this screen. Once you're happy with your setup, click "Join now" and you'll be live in your meeting. 

When your participant joins the meeting, it will pop up on your screen with a box asking if you want to admit them to the meeting. Accept the invite, and you're good to go!

*like all teleconference tools, your recipient will need to download the app. They will get step by step instructions when they accept your invitation and click on "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting." However, it would be helpful to give them a description that includes something like:

    Thank you for scheduling an online meeting with me. To participate with video and/or screen sharing, click the "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting" link in this email and select "Download the Windows app." It will walk you through launching and installing the app to be able to participate.