Basic Mitel Phone Operation

    If a call comes in on an incoming line, answer your handset.  If another call comes in, it is possible to put the existing call on hold, and answer the other incoming call.  The calls will reside on the two instances of your extension on the bottom two buttons of your phone.  You will a beeping noise in an ongoing call if another call is coming through.  If you have a phone with status indicators, an orange indicator next to a person’s name indicates they are on the phone.

To transfer a call directly to an extension, you can hit the programmed transfer/conference button or hit the blue button on your phone(See attached diagram).  Next,  dial the extension or press the programmed button for the extension you want to transfer the call to.  You may either wait for them to answer and talk to the party you are transferring the call to and confirm they want the call and release it, or you may release it immediately.  “Release Me” shows up in the uppermost buttons on the phone.  You need to press the release me button to release the call to the extension or hang-up your handset.  Both will complete the transfer of the call. 

To transfer a call to a user’s voicemail:

Press the transfer/conference button on your phone and dial extension 11111 or press the transfer to voicemail button on your phone.  At that point dial the user’s extension or voice mail extension, if the user is voice mail only.  You should hear the user’s voicemail greeting if voicemail is setup.  Press “release me” or hang up the handset to release the call into the user’s voicemail. 

Check messages from home.

  • Dial 865-982-7121 and wait for the auto attendant to answer.  When the auto attendant starts, dial your extension
  • The Line will ring.  Eventually, you will hear your voicemail greeting.
  • Press  *.  It will say hello, please enter your password. Enter your Voice Mail password only.  
  • The system will then give you the number of messages in your mailbox
  • Follow normal prompts to listen to and delete Voice Mails.

Check Messages outside the system during normal business hours without ringing your extension(classroom)(Important if you are a teacher at home during the day with a sub)

  • Dial 865-982-8968 and wait for the Auto Attendant to answer
  • When the auto attendant starts dial 11900.  This will transfer you into the voicemail system.
  • You will hear another auto attendant.  Dial your extension
  • You will hear your voicemail greeting
  • Press * It will say “Hello, please enter your password”
  • Enter your voicemail password only.  The system will then give you the number of messages in your mailbox.
  • Follow normal prompts to listen to voicemails.