The microscope camera's can be kinda tricky.  Here's a simplified process which should give the user a better experience with these cameras.

Turn the camera on and wait 2 minutes.

Select the camera as a wifi option.

Use password 12345678

Once you are connected to the camera's wifi, select ethernet connection at the top of the wifi list

Then select "Change adaptor options"

From there You'll see a new window.  The button in the middle will be fore the ethernet adaptor.  Right click and disable it.

Note: You will not be able to use the internet at this time.

When you are done with the camera, turn the camera off.

Then enable the ethert from the previous "change adaptop options" screen once again by right clicking and selecting "enable"

Now your internet should working nomrally once again.

NOTE: This will not be the same exact set of steps if you computer is strictly using wireless, like a laptop.  You can disreguard disabling ethernet in a purely wireless situation.